Sunday Specials – 22nd Aug ’21

Stellar originally hails from Boston, Massachusetts, but moved to Los Angles early 2021. During the

Pandemic of 2020 Stellar established himself as an artist to watch out for with the release of his breakout

Pop single ‘Ashes’, which went viral on TikTok amassing over 1.7 millions videos created to the sound. Capturing on that virality, Stellar’s latest tracks follow a similar style of electropop and dance.

He’s got a massive following, an audience that’s captivated by the addictive melodies and infectious hooks he so effortlessly seems to spin up. On ‘Daredevil’, he leans into his style even more, exploring a dance anthem that sounds nostalgic to anyone who grew up on the dance music of the early 2010s. Perhaps Stellar’s popularity is a consequence of us being locked in, with his poppy and pulsating form of electro pop harkens to a time and moment where you can let yourself go and enjoy. His talent is undeniable, it’s only a matter of time till he’s able to break even further into the mainstream to dominate contemporary pop.

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